Alex Lambert – US Open of Surfing – Huntington Beach CA

Alex Lambert recently performed a set at the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach Ca.

After the jump, check out his acoustic performances of  “Butterflies”,  Sublime’s “Boss D.J”, Maroon 5′s “Sunday Morning” and Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds.”

Tomorrow night (Aug 28) Alex plays the Sunset Music Fest at The Roxy in LA starting at 6:30 pm

Videos after the JUMP…


Boss D.J.

Sunday Morning

Three Little Birds

  • Landmd

    I really like his voice, but there is just something missing, not sure what. Might be the glasses can’t see his eyes. He should get a refund on those glasses they are awful! Three little birds was the best of his set.

  • koshka

    landmd I know what you mean… something is missing. I think it is experience.

  • AIaddict

    Alex has a great tone to his voice that I really like. My problem with him, sunglasses aside, is that I don’t feel he earned being given a huge record deal with RCA already. I don’t know alot about Alex so not sure of his musical background. Comparing him to Lee, Casey and Crystal though it just does not seem right that Alex is out promoting his own original music already since I don’t think he has paid his dues or even really gone thru the AI machine the way the top 3 have that all have major label recording contracts. Am I the only one who feels this way? I feel like he was handed something for nothing in a way. On the other hand I would like to see him mature and grow as an individual and as an artist because I do like his voice.

  • Landmd

    That is most likly it Koshka, singing live in front of people it did remind me of his idol preformances.

  • ross

    How did I miss that Alex has been given a huge record deal with RCA?

  • Powter48

    Still not getting why there is such a big push for this kid. All I remember about him from Idol is how he nearly cried the night he was eliminated.

    And didn’t he say something nasty about Crystal too?

  • koshka

    08/27/2010 at 1:53 pm
    How did I miss that Alex has been given a huge record deal with RCA?

    Words right out of my mouth. Can someone confirm when this happened and provide a link. I’ve been watching this like a science experiment.

  • AIaddict

    Well did I dream that? Isn’t 19E, Simon Fuller promoting him? He’s not getting these gigs and recording demo’s and the video on his own, is he? Correct me, I could be wrong.

  • koshka

    Aladdict – Its a bit confusing to me because of his involvement with the whole dream house thing… Fuller maybe managing him, but without a connection to Sony/RCA (or other recording company) or maybe since Alex was on the show Fuller is contractually committed to helping him because of the show.. IDK. I do know that Fuller’s involvement does not guarantee recording contract.

  • Landmd

    Im not sure Aladdict. He was/is on the “If I can dream house” that is Fuller’s internet show.

  • Finnegan Bell

    Why are people so peeved that he’s getting such opportunities and saying he hasnt paid his dues yet from Idol… what dues?

    HELLO! people make music and are very successful outside the Idol machine. Get over it. obviously, the other idols are not getting such opportunities because they arent as good. Bottomline, Alex has awesome vocals and he definitely deserves all this and a recording contract. No confirmations yet as far as I know, but they wouldnt be throwing all the money and the resources on Alex and have really high-end producers work with him if they’re not prepping him to be a recording star.

    I hope he plays a lot more gigs so he can be an accomplished performer as well. Good job Alex!

  • AIaddict

    I hope he plays a lot more gigs so he can be an accomplished performer as well. Good job Alex!

    Exactly what I’m saying, he lacks experience inside and outside of American idol.

    My apologies for thinking he had a recording contract but still he seems to be getting heavily promoted and for him to be out and singing original music already just does not seem right, imo. I think the top 3 would love to be out performing their own songs already but are still paying their dues on the AI tour. I do like Alex so don’t beat me up too bad.

  • mj

    How did I miss that Alex has been given a huge record deal with RCA?

    Alex has not signed a record deal yet, although I do believe that 19M is managing him.

    When he signs a record deal, it will be time for him to move out of the house. That’s the way it’s supposed to work, from what I understand.

    Also, if I were a betting person, I would bet on Alex getting signed to 19′s new partner, Universal Music Group, rather than the lame duck Sony Music.

  • Incipit

    Finnegan Bell, I don’t actually care where his opportunities arise – nice that he has them. The experience he needed and didn’t have going in to Idol can be acquired – and perhaps capitalized on. I don’t care for his voice, or his demonstrated style of music, and think there’s a lot of maturing needed to happen in the public statements department – but that has no effect on if other people like him, or want to overlook some gauche remarks.

    Music taste is subjective as all hell…and ‘good’ is an opinion.

    One thing I have to give him, though, is the willingness to take advantage of the IICD House opportunity. I don’t check it out anymore, but in the early days I was curious – and the cast they selected seemed to be frequently emotionally fragile and easily compromised – any little thing would put them off of rehearsing, or working on lines, it was almost as if they thought the House was some sort of guarantor – and they didn’t need to exert themselves. I understand the cast has since had some changes – but the people doing the original choosing were no more perspicacious than the ones who chose for this past Idol season – I quickly lost interest.

    But, as far as I could tell before that, when he joined the IICD House, Alex was willing to do the work and apply himself to learning the craft, and that will make a big difference in his possibilities for success down the road. No reason not to take a chance as far as it will go, KWIM?

    JMO, of course.

  • OvenMitt

    How did I miss that Alex has been given a huge record deal with RCA?

    Yeah, I never saw that, either. I bet, since Simon Fuller has really backed him (for some inexplicable reason), he’d sign with Universal, if anyone. I feel like the championing of Alex Lambert is simply to prove that IICD is legitimate. Alex’s fans made a BIG stink when he got booted from Idol, so that probably had something to do with the choice to “feature” him. IDK, Alex’s voice has a real James Morrison vibe for me, which makes me confused as to why I don’t dig Alex. I love James Morrison!

  • OvenMitt

    Also, if I were a betting person, I would bet on Alex getting signed to 19’s new partner, Universal Music Group, rather than the lame duck Sony Music.

    Oh, see there? I didn’t notice that before, but I totally think that’s what’s going to happen. Again, for some inexplicable reason.

  • AIaddict

    mj Thanks and again I apologize for the confusion.

  • girlygirl

    As far as I know, he still doesn’t have an actual record deal. He is getting pushed VERY hard, though, so I suspect an announcement about a deal will be coming soon.

    Sometimes I like his stuff, sometimes I don’t. I don’t know if I’ll buy his music once he actually is signed — his attitude has put me off, so his music will have to be something that really appeals to me to overcome that.

  • poster

    I like Alex’s music, and I think 19 and Simon Fuller seem very interested in him, mostly because he has quite a unique sound. He does need some “seasoning” and he definitely needs to mature, but a lot of artists have started that way. He actually seems much more mature now than when he first went to the IICD house.

    Plus, that project needs Alex. He’s the only member of the house who adds a little spark; sometimes good, sometimes bad, but at least he’s interesting. The others just aren’t terribly interesting to watch. JMHO.

  • negativo

    Sunglasses are retarded, but his music is OK in a John Mayer sort of vibe.

  • jaybee

    Yeah the sunglasses get in the way of making eye contact,and showmanship.When I watched MJ’S clip of Alex singing Heartbreak Hotel-w/o glasses- earlier this week,the performance shone through ,and was excellent.But,aside from that the vocals were excellent in these U.S. Open clips…I think when you watch his Music Vid.for “Didn’t Know”,or is it “I Didn’t Know”,you see why he has such a Big Buzz-on that one his screen presence,and vocals are Brilliant…

  • movin2thabeet

    I like the sunglasses, they’re funky, although not for performing. Alex still seems stuck in the coffeehouse stage to me. Even with the Idol experience and all the opportunities he’s been given, I haven’t seen alot of growth yet. He still seems tentative, awkward and frankly, kind of boring as a performer. I do understand how it seems like the support he’s getting is not really commensurate with his abilities. Maybe his management is giving him a certain amount of time and chances to kick it into the next gear. All I know is there are tons of kids who are ready now that don’t have anywhere near the backing he seems to have. The kid is still a possible diamond in the rough. The question is how long does he have to work out the roughness?

  • teensoup

    i believe tim urban is begging to be in ificandream, it’s going to be funny, how tim will have the same opportunities, with differents results, so acting is the best next thing if you can’t sing right?

  • movin2thabeet

    Acting? Not really necessary. All Tim needs to do is not look uncomfortable in front of a camera (which he doesn’t seem to be). His smile and hair will do the rest. Teen idols just need to look cute and have some basic singing skills. Mass hysteria takes over from there.

    Tim has the charisma thing going for him, in spades. Alex? Not so much. He’ll have to up his musical and performance skills to make up for it.

  • Dlynne

    I think he’ll be signed soon. I hope so at least. I want to buy his music. I love his voice and I think he’s proven that he’s serious about his music.

    But, yeah, those sunglasses have to go. Where’s the stylist, Simon Fuller?

  • jaybee

    @movin2thabeet- I think Tim would be well advised to go the acting route-teen idols have extremely short careers,and acting could pan out to be money for life,I think Alex is perceived as a much more viable product long term,by his bosses.My friend Dora watches IICD-I never have time,and she told me an extensive list of co-writers ,and producers that blew my mind including the Avila Bros.-who wrote and produced lots for Janet Jackson,and Usher;other writers were-Jason Reeves,and like 15 other elite ones.They would NEVER do that for anyone unless they saw massive potential.I’ve never even seen an AI winner with the level of co-writers and producers they are getting him.And the funny thing was the least of the writers I found were David Hodges,and Eman-and though they’re overrated-they are not that bad…

  • koshka

    Sure these producers and writers would do it for massive $$ lol

  • OvenMitt

    Sure these producers and writers would do it for massive $$ lol

    Exactly. If Simon Fuller calls you up and offers X amount of dollars to do him a solid, it seems like those “usual suspect” stable of writers and producers are more than willing to oblige. Again, I think Alex is the most viable candidate from IICD to utilize these resources on, but certainly not in comparison to many of the other Idol finalists from this season. He’s in the right place (IICD house) at the right time (when Fuller wants to lend credibility to his project and one-up Sony/The X-Factor). I’m sure some would say that there’s a reason Alex was put in the IICD house, but my opinion is that it’s just another case of trying to make fetch happen.

  • teensoup

    tim urban is way more talented than casey james, I’ll give you that, … idol s9 was a big joke, oh! poor kids, the “short” tour is as far as their careers are gonna go

  • Finnegan Bell

    All I know is there are tons of kids who are ready now that don’t have anywhere near the backing he seems to have.

    Those tons of kids doesnt sound nearly as good as Alex. T I really dont see the big deal since this gig is not at all BIG and really just fitting for his level of live experience.

  • littlefishes

    tim urban is way more talented than casey james,

    Do tell, in what way is he more talented?

  • tessa

    gorgeous vocals!

  • JudyL

    I feel like the championing of Alex Lambert is simply to prove that IICD is legitimate

    Exactly. As for the producers and co-writers seeing potential in Alex, very much doubt if anyone would be interested in him except for the Simon Fuller connection.

  • oceana

    He’s mad talented and I love his singing. If he puts out a good record I really don’t care about “dues.”

  • undercooked

    Ah, good for Alex. I think the IICD house was the best opportunity for him. Alex needs the nurturing and guidance he appears to be getting from the IICD team. I don’t begrudge Alex for getting these opportunities. I disagree with the idea that AI contestants should yield to their fellow contestants who go further in the AI competition. People need to look after themselves.