Megan's Richmond VA Recap

Here's what went on in Yaminville.

Kevin Covais came down here all the way from New York. I was wondering why everyone was cheering, so I turned around and saw Kevin Covais. Everybody wanted his picture and autograph, including me and I hated him while he was on AI. Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet him or any of the other idols for that matter.

Mandisa opened the show with "I'm Every Woman". It was pretty good, but I'm not too fond of the song. She was a great performer and brought a lot of energy to the stage. After she sang, she commented on how great it was to be in the south. She also said some inspirational words. Then she sang "If I Was Your Woman" and devoted it to Ruben Studdard. She did a phenomenal job. While she was singing the song, she listed all the idol guys that the girls might have crushes on. When she announced Elliott's name, the crowd went wild. Then Ace joined her on stage, and they sang "I'm Your Angel". Ace actually sounded great during the duet.

Next, it was Ace's turn to sing. He started off with "Father Figure". The stomach bopping thing he did when the song started was a little weird. However, "Father Figure" was very enjoyable. A bunch of girls started screaming when he slowly took off his jacket. He threw out a beanie. While in between his two songs, he said was the first one that said one of the performers was from Richmond and that this was the first hometown stop. The crowd went nuts. Then he sang "Harder To Breathe" by Maroon 5, and that kicked butt. Ace did great tonight, I used to not like the guy. After that, I like him again. He's damn purrty!

Lisa was up next. She sang "Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours)". I think she owned the stage. Then she sang "Your Song" by Elton John and played the song on the keyboard. There should have been an Elton John night on AI. Then Paris Bennett joined her, and they sang "Waterfalls". That duet was alright. Nothing special. No one really stood up for Lisa.

Then it was Paris' turn. She sang "Midnight Train To Georgia" and was trying to bring everyone back to her home state of Georgia. I liked that performance a lot. Then she performed "Crazy In Love" and danced around a lot. She even ordered the audience to get up.

Bucky was up next. The first song was "Superstition". He really is a great performer, but I couldn't understand what he was singing. Next he sang "Drift Away", and I liked it a lot. Then he sang "You're the One that I Want" with Kellie Pickler. That was a cute duet, and their voices blended well together.

Kellie started off with "I'm The Only One". It was good, but it didn't have that much energy. She mentioned Elliott and how glad he was to be back home. She commented on how she thought that she would never perform in front of millions of people and how she used to be a Sonic waitress and that everyone was interested in the food, not her. Then she said that it was cool that people are now interested in her. She took off her black jacket and was wearing a red corset. Then she sang "Walkin' After Midnight/Something To Talk About", and this is where she started to pick up some steam. I think Kellie is a fun loving girl. Her hair extensions looked like sticks on the big screen though.

Intermission - I bought merchandise and tried to meet Kevin.

The crowd went wild when Chris Daughtry appeared on stage. I kept shouting "I love you Chris!" He opened up with "Whole Lotta Love" and the crowd went nuts. He's so talented! Then he sang "Wanted Dead or Alive" and the crowd was singing along. IMO, that was the best track on the Encores CD. "Renegade" was next. He kicked butt with that song. He said something like "Everyone want to see their hometown boy?", and everyone got excited. Then it was time for his showstopper duet with our homeboy Elliott Yamin. They sang "Savin' Me". The crowd went berserk when Elliott appeared on stage. They got a huge standing ovation. Chris pretty much got a standing ovation during his set. I mean, who would not stand for Chris?

Our hometown boy was next. Everyone was chanting Elliott before the show started and during the concert. I could tell he was glad to be back in his hometown. He started off with "Never Too Much". I didn't know the song that well, so it was a little hard to connect with it. Then he sang "Moody's Mood For Love", and everyone got excited. Some people started to sit down because it was a slow song. The long version was good, but the short version was so much better. Next, he sang the Elvis version of "Trouble". He rocked the stage, and everyone got up on their feet again.

Chris, Bucky, and Ace joined Elliott on stage and sang "Patience". Elliott was holding up a lighter, I have no idea what that was about. Anyway, that performance was awesome. I could tell that all the guys connected during that performance.

The girls performed their medley, and that one went over my head and out of the window.

Kat's turn. She started off with "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree". It was a fun performance. Then she explained why she hasn't been on tour for a few weeks. She mentioned Elliott and how VA was the first state she performed in. Next, she sang "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". She sang great especially after having laryngitis for a few weeks. It didn't sound like she was sick at all. After she performed, she said that VA was a great city. I think she meant state or that she meant to say Richmond was a great city. Whatever. She was great and that's all that matters.

Then the king of the competition started walking down the aisle. He walked by me and my mom, but there were two rows between us and him. We wanted to touch him, but we didn't because we stuck our hands in the wrong aisle. Anyway, he opened up with "Jailhouse Rock". Taylor is one hell of a performer. Everyone went wild and started clapping along with the music. I don't remember the second song he performed. Next, he performed "Living For The City". Everyone was clapping, singing, and having a great time. The fourth song he performed was "Do I Make You Proud", and he made a tribute to the troops fighting overseas. Everyone was singing and having a really great time. He played the harmonica, and was having a ball. Then he performed "Takin' It To The Streeets". He did all these crazy dances and jammed to his guitar. Taylor was so entertaining, and he just lighted up the entire place.

The idols (excluding Kat and Taylor) sang "We Are The Champions". They all sounded great. Everyone got excited when Chris and Elliott sang their solos.

Then Kat and Taylor joined the others on stage and sang "Livin' In America". That group performance was pretty good. Kat and Taylor sure do have a lot of chemistry when they perform together. They named a bunch of cities during that song, and everyone got excited every time they heard Richmond mentioned.

Then all the idols (except Elliott) came out. Then the idols said, "Elliott Yamin" and he came out. The crowd went crazy, and all the idols took a bow. I was disappointed that Elliott didn't sing "Home".