Playndixie's Birmingham Recap

Playndixie here recapping the awesome experience of last nights’ show:  First, I would like to say that the house was full and attended by people from everywhere and as far away as Montreal, Canada, from children to ninety-year olds.  The lobby to the Civic Center is circular to the arena and all kinds of fun things were going on from karaoke to hip-hop dance instructions.  We sat toward the back of the arena, lower level, 14 rows up.  We could see the whole complex very well.  I will start my recap with Taylor.

Taylor – Taylor Hicks is the “man”.  What can I say.  I was at the back of the arena, could see well, but not up close and personal.  It was the only time during the concert that people stood for the entire set.  He gave his all to the hometown crowd, made pictures of the audience from the stage and mouthed “I.Love.You.” to all of us.  The crowd went wild.  The downside – and some fans would not call it a downside – Taylor was very out of breath when he sang DIMYP.  He had just performed JHR, Hollywood Nights and LFTC and gave it his all.  And, by the way, he wore the “purple” LFTC” jacket.  I hated to see the out-of-breath Taylor – I’m sorry.  After about 4 or 5 mins., he came back out not so out of breath and did a great TITTS.  I loved the harp and wished he had played it a little longer.  I would have loved for him to sing DLMD, and I hope it will be on a future CD.  Taylor, if you are reading this – quit smoking, start working out every chance you get, and take care of your beautiful self.

Kat – Kat came out to cheers in a beautiful black dress that matched her cast.  She looked beautiful and sang her version of BHCT.  Sorry, I’m not a fan of her version of the song.  Next, she did SOTR, and I thought it was great.  I enjoyed hearing her sing that version of the song.  She made the comment about being able to perform 3 songs but she fractured her foot which “like” made singing 3 songs out of the question.  Okay, I guess she can’t hold out to stand through 3 songs.  She received a loud and warm audience response. 

Elliott – He was received well by the Birmingham crowd.  I really loved hearing Elliott sing.  The group song “Patience”  was soo good!  The harmonies were outstanding. 

Chris – I liked Chris pretty well during the competition, and the audience gave him a great response last night, but good gracious, it was just too loud for me.  My ears are still ringing.  Just too old to appreciate his style of rock music I guess.  His voice sounded strong and clear, and did I say loud?  

Kellie -  Kellie performed duet with Bucky.  Very cute, vocals sounded good.  I was very disappointed  -- she only sang one song – the rock song by Melissa Etheridge dressed in the black leather outfit she wore on Idol.  She must still be on vocal rest.    

Bucky -  Bucky had definite problems last night vocally.  His two songs just were not that good.  When speaking to the crowd, it was hard to understand him.  I have read that he was on vocal rest previous to last nights show.  I would have thought he would have been much improved by this stage of the tour, but he definitely was off last night.  

Paris -  Paris must be in the best shape physically of all the contestants.  She performed her set flawlessly and was very enjoyable to watch and never missed a beat or was out of breath after all the running, bumping, grinding, jumping and thumping she did. Seemed to be having a blast.  Enjoyed Paris very much.  

Lisa -  I really, really enjoyed Lisa.  She was just awesome.  The 2 numbers written by Elton John she played keyboard on and sang were outstanding.   She received a very good crowd response.    

Ace – Ace has come a long way, and I actually enjoyed his set very much.  The vocals were good and his personality is very warm and pleasing.  The crowd loved him.  

Mandisa – This girl can sing and she performs like she has been doing it all her life.  She is very at home on the stage and relates so well with the audience.  I do hope Rueben calls her.   

And, there you have it.  First concert I’ve been to in quite a while, and I loved every minute of it.