Vanessa's Birmingham Recap

The concert was about 15 minutes late starting, but definitely worth the wait.  It was fun reading the text messages on the jumbotrons while we waited.  Finally the show started though.  First up was:

Mandisa:  She came out singing I'm Every Woman.  It was a great version.  One thing I noticed during the show is that almost all of them sound even better live than they did on tv.  She then sang something else that she dedicated to Ruben.  It was pretty funny.  She said "I know he's probably got some cousins out here somewhere, so get him to call me."  She then made a little speech about how God had a plan for her, and dedicated her next song to all the young people out there.  It was I Am Your Angel. During the song, Ace came out and sang with her.  It was nice.

Ace:  I really enjoyed his duet with Mandisa.  One thing about Ace - he is DEFINITELY enjoying himself on this tour.  He seemed like he was loving every minute.  It was great to watch.  He sang Harder to Breathe, which between his hotness and the inadequacy of the A/C there, it definitely was hard to breathe.  He then did Father Figure, which was my favorite performance of his from the show.  It was great live too.

Then next up was Lisa.  She came out singing Signed, Sealed, Delivered.  It was OK, but kind of a let down after the first two performers.  I decided to go get some water at this time because it was stifling hot in the BJCC.  Apparently she did 2 (I think) Elton John songs, and played the piano.  I spent a lot of time trying to figure out if she was wearing a Michael Jackson t-shirt (yikes) so I'm not sure what she sang.  Sorry Lisa fans.  Anyway, then she welcomed her best friend, Paris.  They sang Waterfalls together. It was cute, and they had the choreography down.

Paris:  She sang Midnight Train to Georgia.  It was good.  Her speaking voice isn't quite as high live as it was on tv.  She then said she was ready to dance, and sang Crazy In Love.  She danced a bit.  OK she danced a LOT.  Only an 18 year old could dance like that and still be able to sing.

Bucky:  I love Bucky.  He seems like the nicest guy.  He came out singing Superstition.  It was good, but just a touch too long.  Then he sang Drift Away.  It was a great version, and lots of crowd participation.  I really enjoyed this song, and enjoyed Bucky.  Next up was You're The One That I Want from Grease.  It was cute.  Pickler came out and did the girl part with him.  They sounded great together.  The Pickler even had on the leather jacket (no doubt sweltering in an Alabama August) and black pants.  They danced together, just like in Grease.  I loved it.  Pickler even did the bump with Bucky, which was hysterical.

Then Pickler sang her one solo song, I'm The Only One.  It was good.  I'm just sorry we didn't get to hear more of her just talking.  She is hysterical, but I'm sure she didn't feel good.  She told us it was intermission time.

More text messages....lots and lots of text messages on the jumbotron.

FINALLY, intermission was over.  First up was.........

CHRIS:  Chris came out with a bang.  He first sang Whole Lotta Love.  It was awesome.  Chris is an amazing entertainer.  His voice is gorgeous, and he looks like a natural on the stage.  Also, his style of music is the type of music I most listen to, so I was loving all his songs.  He also sang Renegade and Dead or Alive.  They both rocked.  Chris is hot.  Seriously hot.  Next was the greatest song of the night - Savin' Me with Elliott.  I cannot describe how much I loved their version of the song.  I really wish they'd release it.

Elliott:  Elliott had on a University of Alabama hat.  Yet another reason to love Elliott.  Elliott's voice is every bit as gorgeous live as it is on tv.  He sang Moody's Mood for Love and some other song that I didn't know.  I hate to say, but although I LOVE Elliott's voice, I just can't get into his songs as much as Taylor's or Chris's.  But Elliott was great.  He even shouted out Soul Patrol a few times.  Then he sang Trouble.  This song was much more entertaining to me.  I really enjoyed it.  I love Elliott.

I'm not sure if this is the correct order, but at some time, all the guys except for Taylor sang Patience.  That was AWESOME.  I loved it.  They all sounded great together, and it was a great version.

OK, I now have to admit that I really don't like Katharine.  Sorry Kat fans.  Anyway, when she came out I took a bathroom break, so I can't really review her.  She sang Black Horse and the Cherry Tree.  Then she sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow, which I now deem the longest song ever made.  I took my seat just in time because after it was over it was time for.......

TAYLOR!!!!  Taylor came out in the middle of the audience singing Jailhouse Rock.  Complete with his purple jacket and snakeskin (?) boots.  Taylor is made for performing. He is such a natural.  The crowd was nuts.  I mean it was unbelievable how loud it was.  This is Alabama, and we're proud of our hometown boys.  Taylor was amazing.  And Taylor was having the time of his life.  He puts so much into each performance.  He also sang Living for the City and Takin' It To The Streets.  At some point in time he played the guitar and the harmonica.  He danced and danced and then danced some more.  He sang Do I Make You Proud and everyone sang along with him.  At one point, he asked "Alabama...Do I Make You Proud?"  The answer is an overwhelming YES.  Oh, he also dedicated this song to the troops.  During this song, the jumbotron showed clips of him from his beginning auditions - I thought that was a nice touch.  He even threw out a Roll Tide, and then said something else, which I can't repeat.

Next up was all the idols singing We Are The Champions.  It is important to note that Elliott still had on his UA baseball cap and Paris was sporting a Bama t-shirt and houndstooth cap.  Yeah, the idols have great taste in football.  This was a fun performance.

Then was Living In America.  It was fun too.  Instead of the usual cities that are shouted out, Taylor shouted out Alabama cities.  It was great.  At the end, he took pictures of the audience with his camera.  And Ace jumped off the stage.  It was a great show.  I loved it, and it's something you should definitely see if you can.