Hot4Taylor's Milwaukee WI Recap

My actor brother called Friday night to say that the people who've been promising him for months that he'd have tickets....called and said we DON'T have tickets. He felt horrible, and kept apologizing. I was literally in tears. (I kept saying to my husband...I'm so embarrassed that I'm crying over American Idol!!!)

So we were planning to just go down and buy some tickets from scalpers. My brother said he would gladly cover the cost.

Well then yesterday morning my brother calls and publicist has been working the phones, and she's got you 4 tickets and 4 meet and greets. Talk about an emotional American Idol ride!

So off hot and hubby got to the concert for the meet and greet at 3:45. Now the people who were supposed to go with us, backed out after we thought we lost the I now have two extra tickets and meet and greet passes. Had I known earlier, I would have insisted MJ make the trip so that she could finally meet her man. But since time travel has not yet been invented...I'm planning to pass along my extras to OhSo. (praying that she's not crazy...)

A picture named Taylor_Busses.jpgWe arrive at the will call and I spot OhSo and her two adorable daughters...and let me tell you...this lady is AWESOME. Talk about fun fun fun!

When we finally get the passes...I only have 2 extras...leaving poor OhSo to have to pick between which of her huge Elliot fan daughters will get to go with her. So Hots hubby goes up and works his charm on the lady with the passes, who's already turned a radio guy and a mom whose daughters had passes down...and hots hubby scores another pass.

While we are waiting to be let in for the meet and greet, we hear screaming on the other side of the stadium lot. All of a sudden...there he was in all his grey glory...Taylor came out to greet some of the fans that were waiting near the buses. OhSo's girls take off to try and seize the opportunity... Ohso and Hot look at each other and nod. Cut to hots 200 pound butt in heals...sprinting across the way, knocking down anyone in her way. (including I think a child from the make a wish foundation...) Finally Hot has her moment...there he is...all I have to do is ask for a picture...and suddenly I am like a 4 year old girl the first time she sees Santa. I froze. He walked on by and I felt defeated. But Hots hubby, whose had to put up with her ridiculous obsession will not allow this. He pushes me up to him and says...ASK FOR A PICTURE!!! So I do. He comes over and puts his arm around me...(lord have mercy) and we have our second brief moment together. (the first one was when I shook his hand at The Tonight Show...for those who've not been following...) I said nothing. I was ashamed of myself.

Now it's time for the meet and greet. Picture this...all the idols sitting behind a long table. We are under the instruction that we can get one autograph each and may take pictures OF them...not WITH them. It's like a Cattle Call. They really must hate this. Chris, Buck, Mandisa and Katharine all had signs that said "Sorry I can't talk, I'm on vocal rest."

A picture named Chris_MG.jpgChris is first and he looks miserable. (we found out later in the show that he felt crappy all day) Bucky was very sweet. Mandisa and Kellie both said very nice things to me, even though Mandisa wasn't supposed to speak. Then came Ace, and I'm telling you, I was floored at how smokin' he was in person. And what a large man he is. So of course when does hot get her voice that very moment when I actually said..."Wow you are a Hotty!" (Immediately I can't believe I have just let that actually come out of my mouth...) He laughed and said well thank you. I'm dying here. Dying. Then I look back and see OhSo just giggling at every single person, and I realize, I'm not the only one... 

Time for Katharine. She was, I will say, a little short and not the most warm person. BUT before you jump all over this forewarned that my opinion changes later...)

Here's my chance with Taylor. (Say something smart. Talk about his music. Ask him a good question.) OR just say the same thing everyone probably says to him..."Taylor I'm a really a big fan and can't wait to hear more of your music." (what is wrong with me!?!?)

I'm mortified that I have failed not one...but two times to let him see that I am his dreamweaver and he needs to marry me at one.

Just when I'm about to wallow in my own tears...I meet up with the person from American Idol who is holding my tickets...and she tells me that she has also included 4 After Show passes. (my brother is the bomb!!) But next comes a horrible decision for hot....involving Kumachen and Friend who desperately want passes...and OhSo and her adorable daughter that she'd have to choose between.)

A picture named Katharine_MG.jpgSo I am standing outside the arena with two extra after show passes and I have five people (Kumachen and friend, and OhSoDevine and her two daughters) all looking at me like they'd give their available kidney away to get their hands on them. I am in the most ridiculously uncomfortable position. I look at OhSo and ask her what she would do with the lone daughter who would get left behind, and she says, give them to Kumachen. Thank you OhSo for not making me have to choose. So Kumachen and Friend are very gracious and all is well. (even though I feel terrible I could not get passes for everyone...)

unimportant note here...but between m&g and concert, OhSo and clan and my hubby and I get dinner together and I tell you what, this family is so cool. OhSo was more giddy that her 11 and 14 year-old-girls...soooo cute!

Okay, time for the concert to start. Out comes Mandisa guys all know the routine. I am very impressed at how powerful her voice is. You. Go. Girl. She dedicated the song to the men in the crowd saying she has to listen to all the other girls in the group talk to their boyfriend each night and she talks to her Mama. (No Ruben...) I was a bit confused at the strange black lacey thing she was carrying around with her on stange. What in the heck was that?? It looked like a sweat rag...but she just kept twirling it around. Huh?

Out comes Ace, and good God in Heaven, this man has a new #1 fan. Yowzers. Even though I knew the strip tease was coming..I was melting. He's huge! (no not in the 9 incher kind of naughties!!! Although I wouldn't mind finding out...) He's just a big guy. The kind that could just sweep you up and throw you in bed...and rip your clothes off and throw then on the florr...err...I digress. ANYHOO...I was impressed all around at how well he sang and performed. And when he jumps off the platform like a high jumper in the Olympics...Hots husband was left holding up a big pile of putty. He said his parents were in the crowd for the first time and gave them a shout out. Very cute.
A picture named Kellie_MG.jpg
Next is Lisa and she was good. After reading some of the other reviews, I guess I wasn't expecting much, but she really surprised me with the high notes she belted out and the pureness of her voice.

Out comes Paris and I thought the Waterfalls duet was just okay. Cute routine. Not super impressed with the vocals.

Paris was just okay for me. The girl can move, I'll give her that, but HotHubby says I need to tell you he thought she was on crack.

Next is Bucks and his vocals were...average at best. Now remember he was on vocal rest for the M&G so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. But I could barely hear or understand anything he was singing.

Enter Picker and my Hubby is in love. She was very cute. But when she whipped off the coat to reveal a black corset looking I was the one holding HotHubby up...he was like buttah.

Intermission. Time to empty the bladder in preparation for what I was about to see.

Out comes Chris and the crowd goes wild. He says that he hadn't been feeling well all day and that we really knew how to cheer a guy up. Awwww. For a girl that doesn't like rock. He was good. He sang 3 songs and then his duet with Elliot. When Elliot came out there was lots of cheering, although definitely not as much as was for Chris.

A picture named Elliott_MG.jpgElliot was very cute. Really good vocals, although I will agree with earlier reviews that there was something lacking in the performance. I think he needs different tunes. (except Trouble...loved that!)

The guys song was the BOMB. Oh man it was so good. Even HoHubby was impressed. When Ace started jammin' at the end...I almost had to sit down.

Okay, out comes Katharine in her black dress and I will say the BHCT didn't do it for me in the prom dress. Didn't seem to fit. Rainbow was beautiful. She did talk about missing the first part of the tour because of vocal rest, "Doctors orders she stressed" but never mentioned her foot. (Remember this for later...) Still only two songs from her, but she said she hopes to be back in the future to sing more.

Okay...Time for Taylor. Where are you?? I can hear you...I. just. can't. see. you. Finally he appears on the stage and va va va voom. He is seriously a strong presence on stange. He had on a black t-shirt with Ray Charles on it and a Black/Grey suit coat over it. Tennis shoes, and at this moment I can't remember the pants except the he looked really hot in them. He just kind of talked his way through Jailhouse rock, which made me nervous that his voice was not well. But have no fear becasue as soon as Hollywood Nights started, he was in the zone. What I am about to say here is a good thing... He had a lot of the mannerisms that I loved about him at the beginning of idol. The weird twitches that made you wonder if he had Turrets Syndrome (sp?) The crazy throw your back out dancing, the messy hair (with no gel in it and I loved it!!!). I felt like it was the authentic Taylor that I first loved. He was just all around awesome. He hit the high notes right on and it was great. No Beatles though. Poop.
A picture named Paris_MG.jpg
When it came time for the encore, the doors opened and there he was in his green and gold Packers Brett Favre jersey and the crowd went N.U.T.S. Now for those of you that don't live in Wisconsin...let me tell you...this state breathes the Packers. We are a state of cheeseheads and nothing could win over a crowd like this. Streets was phenomenal. All the gyrating and crazy antics. I had my hands on the bedazzled thong...ready to hurl it at him...but HotHubby held me back.

Encore was great. Elliot came out in a Marquette jersey and they all were fun. They yelled out Cheeseheads in the song and again everyone went crazy.

When it was over, I felt exhausted. Like I just got done with a long night of hot hothubby love. The thought of getting more action at the after show party was almost painful. But oh so worth it.

After the show ends, Hot, OhSo and Kumachan meet up for a quick picture and then it is off to the after show party. (again..this really isn't a party. Just more of a hands on meet and greet.) Hot and Hothubby and Kumachan and friend wait in line with about 25 to 30 other people while crazy fans offered money to buy the passes from us. For real some lady said 50 bucks for the pass..and I was like...dream on sistah!

While we're waiting I spot Ace's mom and dad. Oh I forgot to mention earlier that during the concert we were sitting right next to the mother and sister of the band keyboardist and they were also in line with us. It is immediately apparent that this group of people is more intimate than the before show crowd. There were very few people who didn't have a connection in some way.

A picture named Hot_8-14-2006-03.jpgDoors open and there he is...Taylor is just sitting there as if to say...come on over and talk to me. So of course I run scared over to Paris instead. I'm. So. Frickin. Chicken!!!! Only 5 of the idols were at the after party. Paris, Lisa, Katharine, Ace and Taylor. But it was really laid back and a free-for-all. I talked to Paris briefly and got a picture with her. Same goes with Lisa. (she is sooo sweet. ) Then came Katharine. Now for those of you that have followed my posts in the past...brace yourself for this. I went up and asked for a picture and then asked her how her voice was. She said fine but that the doctor has still only cleared her for two songs which was frustrating cause the tour folks follow the doctors orders. Then I said to her..."and then you break you foot...Son of a bitch." (what is wrong with me?!?) But I think the swearing warmed me up to her cause she started talking to me about how she usually says something about her foot during the concert but she forgot to tonight and that people were probably wondering what was up with that if they haven't already heard she broke it. She was actually very nice. I asked her to take a picture with hothubby cause he'd be too embarressed to ask and she did. I will admit, she was very nice. (my husband commented how she looks much more "ethnic" in person. He said she has beautiful different looking eyes. Down Boy.)

Hot finally get the nerve to talk to Taylor. I walk up to him and ask him for a picture and tell him that his original music is terrific and I hope they give him lots of creative freedom on his album. He says thank you and that the album will definitely have his stamp of approval. It is surprising to me how shy and unwilling to engage he is. I know...I know...he has a lot people gawking over him at these things, but compared to the other 4 that were there...he is definitely the hardest to get any kind of response from. It was disappointing, but totally understandable. I still love him and want to bare his children. I thank him for his time and wish him luck and then I say goodbye. I was still not myself, but at least I got out more than 2 words.

A picture named Hot_Ace_8-14-2006-02.jpgLast is Ace. At this point I am sweating like I come face-to-face with the world's worst hot flash. I ask hothubby if it's hot and he I'm blotting the beads of sweat on my lip and brow as I wait for my turn with Ace. He is with a whole bunch of kids that I think were related somehow cause he was on the floor with them and sharing pictures. It was very sweet. I finally get my chance and he is so warm. Or maybe that was the hot flash. But he is also so friendly. He asks me if I liked the concert. He puts his arm around me for a couple of pictures and I can't take my eyes off his enormous biceps. Is this guy for real?!? I tell him how impressed I was at his live performance and that he really is a terrific performer and he was so gracious. It takes every ounce of self control I have not to tell him ONCE AGAIN how smokin' I think he is. I love him.

And then we were done. I was sad not to see Elliott out there but I don't want to be greedy.

I walked out of the arena feeling like I needed a smoke. And I'm not a smoker. It was the coolest thing ever.

I called my brother on the drive home and thanked him for hooking me up and he said he was just happy that it worked out, cause he knew how excited I was and he never would have forgiven himself if I didn't get to go. He laughed when I told him how nervous I was around Taylor. He thinks I'm a huge dork. And I am.

Anyway. That was my night with my idols. It was awesome.