Lassie's LA Recap

I thought I would do something a bit different from you all in my recap. I will discuss what SURPRISED me about the M&G, the concert, the Idols, and LiMBO/Viper Room.


1. The "applause-o-meter" is a big joke. Some Idols got louder cheers but it wasn't as long, some got not quite as loud applause but it was more sustained, while others got mad love every time they began to sing. Thus the "cheer-o-meter" is really ridiculous.

Overall the LA crowd was dead but gave a "whole lotta love" to Taylor, DAUGHTRY and Elliott eventhough it was Kat's homecoming. I couldn't tell you and couldn't care to tell you who was "loved" the most in LA. It is not that big of a deal.

The M&G
1. Not sad that DAUGHTRY wasn't there. What I really wanted to do is actually give him a hug and/or rub his head and actually talk to him for a few minutes. This would NOT have been possible at this event.

Sometimes not seeing someone is better than seeing them but not interacting with them. I am absolutely sure I will see Chris in the future and talk to him. I can't say how I know this but one day you all will know what I am talking about.

Lisa was the only girl that said "hi" to me. I loved all the guys and they were all friendly including Taylor.

2. What surprised me about Mandisa is that she is incredibly beautiful in person. Some one get her a modeling contract. IMO she was booted way before her time.

3. What surprised me about Ace was I really got into his "cheesiness". Ace's "cheesiness" works for him and that is NOT a bad thing but a very GOOD THING. Ace has a very nice voice and I liked "Father Figure" the best.

4. What surprised me about Lisa is that she is really a great performer. If she and Paris had tried out maybe 5 years later they may have won the whole thing.

5. What surprised me about Paris is that she has a deep voice when she sings. Again she tried out 5 years too early. She is going to be the next Dionne Warwick.

6. What suprised me about Bucky is that he is not only a Country singer but he could be a Blues singer. He has a fantastic gravelly voice that needs to be nutured by a voice coach.

7. What surprised me about Kellie is that she is a genuine person and has a great Country voice. I know I thought it was stranged that she was signed by 19E but I actually think she is going to be very successful in Country music. Her sexy "minks" looks, her Tawny Tucker voice, and her life story will make her a star.

8. What surprised me about DAUGHTRY is that he has an incredibly sexy stage persona even if he doesn't do much or need to do much. I truly understand why critics called him "sex on a stick" and "his hotness is his majesty". God blessed him with fantastic Rock pipes and I have no doubt that he will be a rock star.

He is also a born leader that is why TPTB gave him the lead role in the group songs eventhough Elliott has one of the best voices around.

Chris' performance was one of the two performances that gave me the chills specifically when he sang the accapella part of "Whole Lotta Love" and WDOA. IMO when Chris came out is when the audience woke up. My sister who is an Elliott fan even whispered to me "now it feels like a rock concert".

9. What surprised me about Elliott is that he has by far THE BEST VOICE I HAVE EVER HEARD FROM ANY IDOL FROM ANY SEASON. Also he has a lot of stage presence as well. I could have listened to him all night. I am sooo glad he is signed.

10. What surprised me about Kat is that she has an amazing voice that should NOT be on records but actually should be on BROADWAY. Someone please stop Kat from making a CD instead send her directly to Broadway for she could win a Tony.

11. What surprised me about Taylor is that he is such a fantastic performer but I wish he did more dancing. Taylor's DIMYP gave me the chills which shocked the hell out of me. Taylor also has an INCREDIBLE voice and any critic who says otherwise needs his/her ears examined. He made the concert fun! I will NEVER bash Taylor again. He is AMAZING!

I can see why critics often compare Taylor and DAUGHTRY because both of those performers gave me the chills.

12. What surprised me the most is that my favorite performance from a duet or group was "Patience". I even liked it better than "Savin' Me". All the guys sounded incredible.

13. What surprised me about the concert overall is that they should have stopped with "We are the Champions". "Living in America" was just silly and DAUGHTRY was hiding in the background.