SoulSunshine's Austin LiMBO Show Recap

I wished so much for all of you tonight! I just got back to the hotel from one of the most amazing nights of my life. I feel like I won the lottery! I don't even mind now that I didn't get to go to WorkPlay.

I had dinner on a restaurant deck at the Congress Street bridge and watched the famous Austin bats at twilight (more about that another time) then walked with a group to Antone's (USA Today called it the best Blues house in the US; it's hosted Fats Domino, John Lee Hooker, and dozens of others you'd recognize if I weren't too tired to remember them).

One of the guys in the group I walked with is a local musician and said Antone's is the hottest spot in town and it surely was tonight. I got to the club at 8:30. The doors were to open at 9:00. I chatted with some wonderful people. (My apologies that my sleep-deprived brain isn't recalling everyone's name right now.)

Brian came by and, grinning, said we were in the right place at the right time for sure tonight and that it was gonna be a great night. Though I would have sworn it wasn't possible, my excitement escalated.

I was so lucky to get a prime spot next to the stage, just inches right of center. I was so close I could reach out and touch Brian's keyboard.

The guys were obviously pumped to be playing Antone's. Brian told us that playing Antone's has been one of Sam's lifelong dreams and it showed....he got so into the music and really rocked it, both on the guitar and vocally. Sam was on fire!

I swear Brian Less has magic fingers and I love his voice. I don't know what to say except to repeat the only word that seems to be in my mind right now --amazing.

As is Jeff. Wow! Jeff rocked the sax and the clarinet (at times both at the same time) and played the flute.

At one point he stepped to the edge of the stage and leaned toward me as if he were serenading me with the sax. The bowl of the sax was inches from my face. Completely blew my theory that I only "thud" for Taylor.

And then Taylor. Mere words are simply inadequate. The only ones that come to my Taylor-befuddled brain are Amazing and Incredible. All I can say is no video can ever do him justice. In that type of setting he is magic. Pure magic.

If I had leaned over a few inches and stretched out my hand I could have touched his microphone stand.
Since you have the details from the cellcert, I won't go into all that except to say when he opened with "Gonna Move"..I knew that I could die a happy woman. He didn't do as much "tagging" as he usually does and at one point he said they hadn't had a chance to rehearse.

One question I had was answered. The question: Was the electricity I felt at the concert generated by the energy of the thousands of people there?

And the answer is, nope - it wasn't just the arena crowd. Even with just a few hundred people, the electricity when Taylor stepped on stage was palpable. As GC said, Taylor has IT plus.

I know you've all read it dozens of times, but I have to say it anyway. He is so much more handsome --and much thinner--than on TV!! For those who like such detail, he wore a beautiful, textured, but shiny jacket; a dark shirt and the gray snakeskin boots - oh, and Ana - he had gelled hair.

The guys all seemed to be having a great time and Taylor played the heck out of the harmonica. The biggest highlight of my night (and there were so many!) was when, while he was playing the harmonica, he stepped forward and then leaned so far over that his face was close enough I could have lifted my hand and wiped the sweat off his forehead. (I can't believe I'm still standing and coherent enough to tell about it).

He said he's working on his CD. He apologized for not being able to stay longer, but thanked us for being there and for everyone's support of him and LMBO.

He paused on his way out for some pictures and he autographs. For the 4th time I missed getting an autograph, but I wouldn't have traded my spot for anything!

After he left, LMBO played again. They are so good!! They got a lot of well-deserved love tonight both before and after Taylor.

During the last set Elliott came on stage and sang "I Believe to My Soul." He's come such a long way since the early weeks of the Idol competition! He had personality plus and he seemed so comfortable. He seemed to be having a great time and seems to genuinely love LMBO (and vice-versa).

Bucky and Chris came out and took the stage and sang Superstition and joined Brian on Great Balls of Fire.

LMBO rocked the place until after 2:00 and then Ace and a guy he introduced as Bluu (an Idol contestant who didn't make the top 24) both sang. Ace did acapella versions of "Butterflies" and one of his original songs and Bluu sang "A House is not a Home," also acapella.

I thought I had plenty of battery on my camera, but ended up with none (or a malfunctioning camera). Thankfully there were some wonderful ladies on either side of me who got some great pictures and videos and will be sharing them.

After the show Jeff got off stage next to me so I told him how awesome they all were tonight and got a hug in return! He said thanks for coming, that he simply could not adequately express how much they appreciate the fans. After the incredible effort they put out, he said we were awesome. That blew me away. These guys are just the best.

It was interesting to note that there were a lot of men in the crowd tonight.

I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am that I made the trip for this and how very much I wish each of you had been here to share it. What an absolutely amazing, amazing night!