Lu's Norfolk VA Recap

The Story Of My Second Idol Concert

I arrived at the venue at 1:30 (would've been sooner but my quest for a restroom caused me to loose valuable time! Have you ever taken an exit and had to drive forever to get to anything? That's what happened...I'm writing my congressman)

As soon as I parked the car and walked around the corner I saw the buses arriving and a gathering of about 20-25 people waiting. I quickly hurried over to them to see if I had missed anything. They assured me my timing was perfect. By the way, I'm carrying my backpack with a sharpie, my program that I bought at the Richmond concert and three posters that say "Oh Nellie We Know Your Name Is Elliott Yamin", "Don't You Mess Around With E" and "Elliott - Richmond's Idol" - wow that last one was creative wasn't it? I'm also lugging around a little gift for Elliott - a Va Tech jersey, Little Debbie Strawberry Shortcake Rolls and Turkey Hill Diet Iced Tea. I'd read that the tea and shortcake rolls were two of his favorite things.

Yep, that's right I'm hauling around a big jug of tea. My sister is supposed to meet me at 2:30 and I'm really hoping Elliott comes on out so I can give him what I brought him before she arrives since she would make so much fun of me.

About 2:00 or so, Ace comes out to meet the fans. He's an angel and I mean it. What a sweetheart! While I was admiring Ace, my sister walked up - oh well, now she knows and she DID make fun of me. Ace signed my program - even asked me my name - and took a picture with me. A real cutie. Next out comes Taylor. He must have been tired because he just appeared to be going through the motions. I'm sure they're all tired. Next out comes Chris! If he was rude to somebody I'm surprised because he was nothing but friendly and accommodating to the fans when I saw him. I got a pic with him too and an autograph. So Elliott, Come on already - I'm tired of lugging around this damn tea!

We waited until 4:30. The meet and greet had started. The security people said no one else was coming out. I couldn't decide if I should believe them. My sister really wanted to get an adult beverage and she was getting a little cranky. I gave in and asked her if she'd take the tea back to the car while I waited a few more minutes. I just want to get this jersey to him. Nobody would agree to take it. Finally I flag down a lady with AI and ask if she'd give that to Elliott. She said she'd try. I sadly walked to the the bar and had Miller Lites and BBQ nachos (quite yummy!) with my sister.

Now it's 6:30 and we decide to head on over to the concert. Someone said that Kat had been out while we were gone . Then one of the Elliott fans I saw earlier flagged me down and said "Wasn't it great to see Elliott?! And he stayed out here such a long time! And he was so sweet!" If I'd had a revolver at that moment I may have pulled the trigger. My sister felt terrible. I reassured her that I was fine even though I was so sad... One security guy that we befriended said that he was in the bus and if I stood I may at least get to say hello.

It was getting close to 7 and there were about 10 of us standing there. Elliott and Bucky both came out of the bus and went in to the venue. They said they'd be back. According to our new friend the security guard, the show was set to start at 7:15. The security guy said they wouldn't come back out since the show had started. I think to myself "Self... Elliott is after intermission. Maybe he'll come back out like he said...".

It was 7:30. Everyone was gone except me and my sister and this one security guard that I'm now feeling obligated to invite to Thanksgiving Dinner. He's become like family. I had just uttered "Oh well" to my sister when out came Elliott. He came right over to me and said he was so sorry for keeping me waiting. I told him I mainly just wanted to know if he got the jersey. He hadn't and asked me to describe who I gave it to. He even asked me what size it was - I did good - because he said "Awesome!". I talk with my hands so when I first started talking to him I reached through the fence and he held both of my hands - sweet! By the way my sister is trying to take snapshots and my camera batteries are dead. They're brand new batteries that I bought at WalMart Thursday night. I think I'm suing WalMart. So there is no documentation of my one on one visit with Elliott but I do have an eye witness! We talked for about 10 minutes. Did I ask about a contract - No. I'm sorry. It didn't even occur to me at the time. All I was thinking was - Wow, I'm having a private chat with Elliott... how cool is that! I told him we were looking forward to his performance. He thanked me again for the missing jersey and called me sweetheart... Concert recap coming shortly - I missed Mandisa and it will start with Lisa. Sorry Mandisa and Ace fans.....

The Concert

As I mentioned earlier, I missed Mandisa and Ace because I was outside chatting with Elliott... hee! It was fun typing that!

First I want to say that I LOVED this venue. Of course after Richmond (aka the sweat box) anything would probably be an improvement! My sister and I got to our seats. We were the section right by the stage - Row A. We could literally reach out and touch the stage.

Lisa came on just as we took our seats and I thoroughly enjoyed her. I think this girl is tremendously talented - a young Alicia Keyes - loved her.

Paris and Lisa did their number and I enjoyed it so much more than I did in Richmond. Maybe because we were closer or maybe because they've gotten better - maybe both. But it was really good.  Paris was a bundle of energy. My sister said that Paris and Lisa together was one of her favorite parts of the show. I loved Paris singing Midnight Train to Ga. I'm loving the show so far.

Bucky next. He's sweet and adorable. I don't know if it's the beers but both me and my sister are enjoying this show so much more than the one in July. Bucky did great - when he did Drift Away he got people to open up their cell phones... It was fun and the crowd was really into it.

Kellie and Bucky duet - world's better than what we saw before.

Kellie talked a little about her new single and got some love from the crowd. She did well. As you all know I'm not the world's biggest fan of country music but I think she did a good job.

Intermission - Let's have one more beer. I'm still on a high from my Elliott chat but know that soon he'll be on stage.

Chris comes out on stage and the energy level reaches a new high. He's great. He even came over and high fived me and my sister when he sang "Renegade". Loved him before and loved him this time.
Okay, Savin' Me begins... Elliott should appear any minute and he does - WEARING THE JERSEY I GAVE HIM! I had to announce to all the people around me that I gave him that jersey. I'm totally blown away. He said he was going to look for it and he did! He pointed at our signs we were holding and smiled - AWW. He was phenomenal. During All My Love the crowd stood and swayed. Everyone sat during MMFL and were back on their feet for Trouble. Lots of E love tonight. Lots and lots!

Patience - we all know how good that is - tonight was no different. To be honest, I'm still trying to get over the fact that Elliott is wearing that jersey!

Kat is next and she looks stunning. She seemed to really have fun with Think and the audience had fun too. Elliott is now standing not too far away from where we're sitting watching the show. The next thing I know a man behind me taps me on the back. He says "Hey - Elliott's trying to get your attention." I look over where he is and he's giving me the thumbs up. Can't believe this night.

Taylor came out doing Jailhouse Rock and the audience had a blast - everyone stayed on their feet for the rest of the show. Ace came over and shook hands with me and my sister during Living in America. At the very end Taylor made a big point of recognizing Elliott... the two of them clowned around a lot at the end. It was just great - better than I ever imagined. Quite honestly, the audience seemed to love everybody and so did I.